Securities Based Lending

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Securities Based Lending

1st Choice Financial Solutions offers the nation’s only non-transfer of title Securities-based loans.

If you have a portfolio of securities, we can set up a line of credit of 70-90% of the value of the portfolio. This line of credit is utilized as a true line of credit and you may borrow as much or as little as you want. You can utilize the money for any purpose with no restrictions.

Repayment is interest only, with no principal payments. The rates are very low and approval is guaranteed, regardless of personal credit. We can usually approve your loan within 3-5 business days with no credit checks. There is no sale of your stock. You receive all dividends. You can sell the stocks in your portfolio as long as you buy other stocks of equal value.

You keep complete control of your portfolio.

Key features of Securities Based Lending include:

Revolving line of credit
Floating or fixed rates available
Interest rates as low as 1.6% (variable only)
Loan to value ranging from 70 -90%
Securities remain titled in client’s name
Limited documentation – Not credit or income based
No prepayment penalty with variable rate
Dividends paid directly to client
Client receives 100% of portfolio appreciation
Wide range of eligible securities
Foreign nationals with foreign securities accepted

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